Brand & PR Agency, London


We believe brand and PR delivers the strongest results when the two sides work hand-in-hand. Combining them means we can build brand purpose into the heart of your business in a way that comes to life through compelling story telling for employees and customers.


1. Identifying your purpose

Finding your ‘why’ to build an authentic brand story that we will work inside and outside of your business.

2. Putting your purpose at the heart of everything you do

We help you build purpose into your brand, so it drives activity, builds engagement and delivers buy-in.

3. Talking about it

We mine your business for nuggets of gold; the stories that help tell your 'why' story. Our strategic campaigns make your purpose visible, connect with target audiences and drive action.




Goldbug is made up of board-level marketers and ex-national newspaper and TV journalists. This is what makes us different.



We’ve delivered results-led brand and PR campaigns for some of the UK’s biggest brands. Our success is grounded in over 20 years' experience leading corporate brand teams with great commercial understanding and knowledge of what's needed from board level to the front-line.


Our experience in the newsroom, running national media campaigns that have delivered social and policy change, gives us unique insight into the best way to tell stories with purpose that will engage and influence your audience.


We have an unrivalled network of media contacts, from Editors to opinion formers, backed up by a proven track record in delivering highly impactful campaigns. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality coverage which cuts through the noise.


Joining up PR and brand communications means we can build your purpose in to the heart of your business and tell your story to the world. We immerse ourselves in your business and work collaboratively to deliver completely integrated and measurable campaigns.