We’ve been managing some of the biggest brands in the UK for over 20 years
and bring all of that experience to every project and campaign.

We know the brand must be the beating heart of your organisation and we know how to pull through the values, personality and positioning of your brand in everything we do.

Our years in the boardroom give us unrivalled insight into what’s needed at a corporate level from a budget, resource and delivery perspective. When we work on brands, we do it with practical application in mind at all times.


As former national newspaper editors, reacting to the news agenda on a
daily basis is our bread and butter. Applying that thinking and expertise to our
clients PR needs is second nature.

We know what makes a story and the rhythm of how the media works. We know when to jump on a story, who to call and, with over 20 years of experience of the media process, how to deliver a story seamlessly.

We also have an unrivalled network of contacts at every national newspaper, broadcaster, leading news website and major consumer press title, including Editors, News Editors, Features Editors, Showbiz Editors, Online Editors,
TV journalists and presenters, Political Editors.


Our philosophy is simple; we’re a team of experienced experts, so when you hire us, you should get the experts. Because we don't have layers of account managers and juniors, at Goldbug you pay for us, not for our overheads.