Winter Is Coming.png

Reports this week (and not just from the Daily Express) revealed the UK is bracing itself for the coldest winter for five years. 

Great! A cruel winter, just what the country needs. But while a large section of society will read this news and worry about how they can afford to pay their increased fuel bills, there is a smaller, wealthier section of society who will see a bitter winter as a wallet-warmer of a windfall.

We’re talking about the energy fatcats. 

For every notch you turn your heating up, the sound of “kerching” reverberates around the boardrooms of the Big Six, which still (quite unbelievably) supplies 80% of British householders with their energy.

Yep. Every extra bit of electricity and/or gas you use this winter means extra cash in the pockets of the nation’s biggest energy suppliers – who made a mere £1bn of profit last year thanks to an increase in margins.

On behalf of our client, Pure Planet - the antithesis of the Big Six - we commissioned a report into the habits and behaviours of energy customers. Our coverage also appeared here and here. It reveals half of customers are planning to up sticks from the Big Six as they search for better deals, improved customer service and a more environmentally-friendly supplier. 29% of British Gas customers surveyed were planning on leaving within the next six months in the wake of its price hike this Autumn.

This is good news – but the study also showed four in ten people said they won't switch because they either can’t be bothered or don’t know how to.

This is no excuse. With Pure Planet, it takes 60 seconds to switch, there is no contract (so no exit fee), it will save you an average of £300 a year on your bill, but for 100% renewable energy. And most importantly this winter – it will not make a profit from you using more energy to heat your home. 

So do not hold back - start the Big Six energy exodus BEFORE your energy firm leaves you in the cold.