NEPRO Ltd was a B2B supplier of professional services that helped the public-sector source consultants in a simple and cost-effective way. A delivery partner of a framework run by NEPO - the North East Procurement Organisation – the company was first named after the solution it delivered. They initially benefited from this close association, but they were also aware that naming similarities were causing confusion. They asked us to show them the benefits of becoming a stand-out brand and how this could support growth. 

We began with a full audit of the market place and competitors, along with a review of their existing communication channels. Whilst confusion between the two existing names was indeed an issue, the real insight was that the north-east element of the name was confining the business to one regional sector, but the business plan was about national growth. 

Using this insight, we built a new brand, Bloom, based on a differentiating brand position: ‘Opening-up procurement’. Using consumer brand techniques, we took the team through a full brand-building process, defining their strategy, purpose, mission, values, tone of voice and identity.

The rebrand signalled a clear move from a regional company to a UK brand, while a clear identity and purpose shifted perceptions across the industry.