Internet Matters partnered with BBC Children In Need’s CarFest, a series of family festivals across the UK and wanted a consumer engagement campaign. The festivals fell during the school holidays – a time when children are spending hours online. This provided an opportunity but also a challenge - how can we talk directly to parents about e-safety and encourage them to start difficult conversations with their children about their internet activity? 

Our campaign was based on one universal insight – the world is full of things you wouldn’t let your children do unsupervised so why should the internet be any different? 

That idea inspired our #screensafe campaign, based on the concept that no parent would let their child out in the sun without sunscreen, so why wouldn’t they monitor their digital screen time? We activated #screensafe with Internet Matters branded sun screen sachets, distributed at CarFest events. Our sachets also featured ‘hot tips for safe summer surfing’ and conversation starters for parents to trigger discussions with their children
about their online activity. 

We distributed 10,000 screen-safe sachets at CarFest events. Internet Matters partner BT also adopted the campaign for an internal comms initiative and #screensafe is now key to Internet Matters’ annual
brand and communications strategy.