Through our partnership with experiential agency WRG we were asked to help a leading global healthcare company become more digitally focused. With a clear mandate from the board, the motivation to transform thinking and integrate digital technology across their customer experience was high. The question was
“How can we engage our people in this change?”.

We spent time with the team to understand their existing digital attitudes, which led to one clear insight: digital transformation in this business was not about technology, but about culture and behaviour.

We presented a case for change that asked the business to challenge the ways they worked. This meant walking away from long-standing processes the business was built on, in favour of new practices and continuous change.

We created the Driving Digital programme, led by a new internal brand, with signposted messaging and a clear call to action for all employees to get involved.

We built a fully integrated comms plan that put innovation at the heart of the campaign. It pushed digital content that encouraged interaction, sharing and co-creation to build engagement. The campaign hashtag was the highest trending initiative across the in-house social media platform, underpinning the delivery of tangible activity that demonstrated new thinking about digital.