Internet Matters asked us to look at ways to increase the impact and reach of its latest cyberbullying campaign. Cyberbullying is one of the main reasons parents visit the Internet Matters website but genuine messages and advice about the issue were being lost among inflammatory stories in the media. Internet Matters wanted to find a way to deliver in-depth content and accurate advice to parents as well as to reinforce the brand’s position as a trusted portal for information on e-safety.

We knew that our effective media relations had helped build Internet Matters from a standing start into one of the top three voices in e-safety the space of three years. We used that insight to deliver a multi-platform media partnership with the Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror, leveraging our relationship with the Editor.

Our in-house journalists produced an in-depth 8 page pull-out of bespoke branded content, which spoke directly to over a million UK parents. It included interviews with case study families affected by cyberbullying and a guide for parents on what to do if their child was being cyberbullied.

It was supported across the Mirror’s online and social channels and backed up with a Facebook Live interview with Internet Matters Ambassador Dr Linda Papadopoulos.