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4 APRIL 2018

Accredit where credit's due.

Goldbug has been given the stamp of approval by the official PR industry body - being awarded the Communications Management Standard (CMS). The certificate from the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) is - in its own words - “the hallmark of comms excellence”.

Of course we already knew this, but it’s proof we have a well run business with all the correct systems and structures in place.

It also shows we have a real commitment to our staff and can give our clients peace of mind they’re partnering with a team committed to excellence.

Basically, it’s a comms gold medal.

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27 March 2018

Join our team.

We’re looking for an experienced Account Manager to join our busy and growing PR team. This role will suit somebody who is enthusiastic, confident and enjoys developing relationships in the media.

We are an independent Brand and PR agency located in heart of W1. Led by a team of ex-national Newspaper and TV journalists, our PR team specialises in helping brands find their purpose and bring it to life through compelling story-telling. Our clients include some of the UK’s biggest brands and not-for-profits across sectors including tech, education and sustainability.

The role will offer you the opportunity to learn from media experts and the opportunity to progress quickly.

Call James Saville or Lara Gould on 0203 770 7612
or send your CV to

Read our brief job description here


23 March 2018

It's cheaper to be green.

Conscious consumerism is on the rise - but don't be fooled into thinking it's more expensive.

This week The Telegraph ran our story on Pure Planet member Tracey Pennington, who has stopped buying from non-sustainable brands AND saved over £23,000.

After switching to Pure Planet and saving £500 on her energy bills, Tracey started thinking about the other changes she could make to her lifestyle to do her bit for the environment.

She cut back on long-haul holidays, swapped dining out at top steak restaurants for vegetarian home cooking and even stopped buying her beloved MAC lipstick.

Read her story here…then turn the heating down and put a jumper on!


5 March 2018

Meet the Neighbours.

We’ve been in our new HQ for less than three months – and we’re already making a splash.

Well, to be precise, the supreme Goldbug team has been featured in the latest edition of The Office Group magazine's 'Meet the Neighbours' spread.

Publicity Director Lara was interviewed about the thrills and spills of running an on-the-up agency – from the music we listen to (and play) to why we decided to launch the business in the first place.

We spend a great deal of our time telling clients ‘a picture never lies’. In this instance, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

We love where we work – and what we do. And we’re a very happy bunch. (We are!) The photographer just caught us on a bad day, OK?

Read it here

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23 February 2018

Teen romance is more complicated than ever. But one thing’s for sure - it’s grabbing headlines.

Our campaign for client Internet Matters focusing on love in the digital age has now secured more than 500 pieces of coverage and reached 13 million people… and counting.

We worked with child psychologist Dr Linda Papadopolouos to devise and deliver a campaign aimed at parents to encourage their children to build up their resilience online.

We explored some of the biggest issues children encounter in the digital age compared to their parents' generation. We found social media is having a profound affect on teenage relationships - particularly in the way young sweethearts (yeah, OK, we know no-one uses this phrase) interact with each other has changed.

We created the The Digital Resilience Report, accompanied by videos for parents, which showed how 1 in 5 children aged 11 - 16 were happy to have online only relationships; and 1 in 10 only ever speak to their boyfriends or girlfriends online. 

Meanwhile more than a quarter of kids felt it was important to announce their new relationship online. 

The story captured the imagination of parents and the media, featuring in The Guardian, The BBC, The Daily Mail, The Mail Online, The New York Times, The Sun, The Daily Mirror, Sky News, TalkRadio, and across all regional and local newspapers. 

So there's only one thing left to say... loveheart smileyface hearteyes winkeyface fistpump handclap - Yay!


15 February 2018

It's the news we knew all along but finally it's official - PR is better than advertising.

Well, although we report this with tongue firmly in cheek, it certainly seems to be the case when it comes to the energy world.

This week our exclusive research for client and renewable energy company Pure Planet has revealed how positive media coverage and a good reputation in the press is more influential than good advertising for consumers choosing their next energy company.

The People & Power report was produced in partnership with Opinium as a state of the nation style survey into the British public's attitude to energy.

Among a long list of newsworthy findings on subjects ranging from Electric Vehicles to the price of a cup of tea, was the reassuring stats around the value of PR - which featured on the home page of PR Week.

After a year's worth of negative press for the Big Six energy companies following yet more price hikes and bumper profits, the research may go some way to explaining why the UK's biggest energy brands lost more than a million customers in 2017.

In the past decade the Big Six market share has shrunk from more than 99% to around 80 per cent, with innovative brands like Pure Planet offering cheaper cleaner energy with a modern, digital service.