It’s one of the toughest questions to answer, but finding your why won’t just fuel-inject your brand - it will keep it burning forever.

People now want more from the brands they use. They want to know what’s behind the curtain. What makes you tick. That you're on the same wavelength as them. Do you care about the same things they do? If you do then how do they know that?

Trust us to know. Our brand team have worked on some of the world’s most exciting campaigns. Our PR team is made up exclusively of journalists who’ve worked on some of the biggest news stories in history. Together we know the importance of the question ‘why?’ – and how important it is to answer that question to get your brand talked about for all the right reasons.

And being a brand today is not just about having a purpose for purpose sake, or doing good for good’s sake. It’s about knowing who you are and what you stand for. It’s about knowing your ‘why’.

And if you’ve lost your ‘why’, if your brand is stagnant, your best employees are leaving, no-one says or writes good things about you, we can help you find it again.

You might be the sharp-looking, smart-sounding brand that's diversified so many times you've forgotten about the one great proposition everyone loved. Or the household brand so busy chasing your tail through the media you’ve neglected to tell your best and brightest story.


The answer is right under your nose. It just takes a little bit of mining. There is gold in there, it’s just a case of finding those nuggets - and finding your 'why'.