We are a brand and PR agency.

                                   Gold (noun): Chemical element, valuable, shiny, highly malleable, not subject to corrosion.
                                   Bug (noun): Very strong enthusiasm for subject; likely to go viral.




Whether creating something new, or making your current brand work harder, we know what it takes to build great brands.

We can build your brand from the ground up. From strategy and positioning to identity, guidelines and tone of voice. Everything you need to launch your business, or bolster it with new elements.



Culture, brand engagement, relevant messages and compelling training all bring your brand to life inside, which means a strong brand outside.

Building your reputation starts within your own walls. By strengthening your brand story in the hearts and minds of your people – we can increase engagement, turning each employee into an ambassador and more importantly
a fan of your brand.


Making your brand famous is about telling the right stories, to the right audiences and we know exactly how to do that for you.

We offer full service PR support that delivers exceptional coverage across all media. Our unique team of journalists and PR experts knows how to tell and sell a story and has the contacts that count.



We offer bespoke built communications training for your team. Including Media Training, Tone of Voice and Communication Skills.


We’re great advisors and have vast experience working with all types of companies and individuals to help steer your communications plan. We’ll look at your communications strategy and guide you through the media jungle to advise on where best to promote your story to get the biggest impact.